Fresh Pictures

HOU Tue, Aug 23: Rumor Tuesdays at Gossip

Believe the rumors about Rumor Tuesdays... Pictures by @ElliotGuidry

HOU Sat, Aug 20: Saturday Night at Lumen

Lumen was bananas! @TheMikeCharlton

HOU Sat, Aug 20: Live Scene Saturdays at Grooves Restaurant & Lounge

Ladies love Live Scene Saturdays at Grooves! Dont miss next week! Instagram @blacktraxs_photography

HOU Sat, Aug 20: Sexy Summer Sizzle Saturday at Scrappy Brown's

Scrappys holding it down on Saturday! @TheMikeCharlton

HOU Fri, Aug 19: Drink Fridays at Drink Houston

Drink Houston with Boosie! @TheMikeCharlton

HOU Fri, Aug 19: Fridays at Aura

The lovely Kendra LaChon hosts AURA last night!! It goes down each and every Friday nights!! Inst...

HOU Thu, Aug 18: Thursty Thurdayz at DBar

Thursty Thurdayz! Def a Good look! @TheMikeCharlton

HOU Thu, Aug 18: Diablo Thursdays at Diablo Loco Sports Bar

End of Summer Party at Diablo was SO LIT! @TheMikeCharlton

HOU Sat, Aug 13: Saturday Night at Lumen

Saturday nights at Lumen! Instagram @blacktraxs_photography

HOU Sat, Aug 13: Live Scene Saturdays at Grooves Restaurant & Lounge

Grooves holding....always a good time! @TheMikeCharlton

HOU Fri, Aug 12: The Rodeo Fridays at LIFE

Rodeo Friday's at LIFE!!! It's gonna be a monster! @TheMikeCharlton